Happy New Year!

Finally! The holidays are over and life is getting back to normal, and it's about time..... the MOD Team is gearing up for the 2007 schedule of design shows around the world and is excited to bring new designs and designers to the New York (and US) market. MOD editors were recently encouraged that their "eye for design" didn't go unnoticed. Several of the latest introductions to the MOD line-up have been recently featured in publications such as Surface and Wallpaper Magazines. Check out the features and look for more MOD picks coming to you from upcoming design fairs in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo.. MOD is currently planning an exciting presentation to take place during New York Design Week in May.. So stay tuned and don't forget to forward this newsletter to your design savvy friends. And one more thing, if you are working in the design world as an architect or interior designer, remember MOD can source products for your projects. Many top architecture firms and designers have come to rely on MOD's ability to spot future design stars and to keep them informed of what is going on in the exciting world of design!

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Wallpaper and Surface feature MOD picks... again.

Yes it's true, the latest issues of both Surface and Wallpaper Magazines feature designers that MOD has resently presented to the US market. The third annual "Best Of" Wallpaper Magazine awards features the Pattern bookcase by Alfredo Haberli for Quodes as the best bookcase design. korban/flaubert the amazing antipodean Australian design team that is set to invade the US with their first solo exhibition tour next month is featured on the cover of Surface Magazine with an accompanying spread.. The Alog shelving system featured on our banner this issue is a new item produced by Vujj of Sweden which appeared in the December 2006 Wallpaper. And don't forget the HAY "Other One" chairs featured on the cover of a another recent Wallpaper.

MOD is proud to have these designers acknowledged by such prestigious design publications. Not to toot our own horn.. but can we pick 'em or what?

See below for more info on these designers and others who have also made the grade with features recently.

QUODES - A Multi-cultural Experience

There was a time that furniture lasted for generations. It was appealingly shaped and made with love, and children lovingly inherited cupboards, chairs and tables from their parents. QUODES wishes to restore that tradition, and focuses on distinctive, functional furniture that has its own character, but is not overbearing.

The PATTERN and EMPIRE cabinets by ALFREDO HÄBERLI of Zurich are outstanding examples of one of MOD's all-time favorite designers. This Argentine-born designer – who is also this year’s guest of honour at the Kortrijk furniture biennale – chose basic geometric shapes and piled them one on top of the other to create interesting patterns. Both the variation and the contours give the furniture a fascinating and visual shape. Furniture sculptures, suitable for storing books and exhibiting objects.

The SATELLITE storage system was designed by young British designers BARBER OSGERBY. Drawing their inspiration from the Modernist Movement, they placed minimalist cabinet modules onto K-shaped metals sleds. The doors and drawers feature subtly sunken handles and the series evokes something of the feel of the Scandinavian furniture classics from after the Second World War. The SATELLITE programme, like the designs described above, is available in a range of models and colours.

Look for some of MOD's other favorite designers to be designing for Quodes soon! We can't reveal who they are right now, but we guarantee they will be featured soon! Also look for Quodes to be making an appearance at MOD in the new year... A Happy New Year Indeed!



is a design and production partnership between Janos Korban (b.1961), a metalwork specialist with a background in psychology and genetics, and architect Stefanie Flaubert (b.1965). They established korban/flaubert in 1993, focusing on collaborative investigations into materials, structure and spatial relationships. They now produce furniture, lighting, interiors and experimental works for clients in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia.

design vision

“We use our workshop as a testing laboratory to generate forms and evolve technical resolution. we try to generate something real/fundamental by understanding basic effects of material, volume and action. at the same time we invest significant resources in technical and production research to ensure the large scale viability of our products”.

They describe their organic approach to design as a ‘process of discovery’. The function is not predetermined. Through experimenting with materials, volume and action an end product might emerge as a seat, a light or some sculptural fantasy. The application is found in the form itself, ‘the idea falls out of life, the form falls out of the idea’.
?k/f investigate material + action! k/f aim to produce pure self-evident functional forms which explore fundamental effects and responses using pure materials. we continue to explore the potential for interaction with objects through reconfigurability, surprise and transformation.

“Our pieces, like life in Australia, are equally at home inside or outside. we take our inspiration from the natural world at all its scales: from micro to macro”.


VUJJ - Swedish by Nature, Global by Design

Vujj is a young company dedicated to producing fine quality designs for the international market. It is a company well versed in, but unshackled by, the traditions of Scandinavian design, that seek to add a little provocation to the story.

Artur Moustafa and Jonas Nordgren, who design collectively under the title Artur & Jonas, joined forces with Grupo Selther in order to set up Vujj in early 2006. Vujj has its roots firmly linked with the Skåne region of southern Sweden where the pair grew up; it is close to the border of Denmark and has a notable history of furniture craftmanship.

Look for Vujj to bring their concept to New York at MOD in the coming year.. The names may be unique, but the design is timeless and MOD is at the forefront of bringing the best design available in the world to the US market.


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