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This issue highlights new products from one of the most innovative design companies in the world, Offecct of Sweden. Released at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2008, these products reflect a mission of deliberate corporate responsibility.

Just as important as design and quality is a comprehensive environmental strategy – something that is unique to Offecct. For many years, consideration for both people and the environment has characterised everything the company does, ranging from what adhesive is used at the office, to the choice of materials, energy consumption, transport and sustainability. A large proportion of Offecct’s product range has recently received the Nordic Swan Eco-label.

The nicely balanced collection reflects Offecct’s vision – contemporary furniture design that exudes Scandinavian simplicity. The furniture is developed for all kinds of creative spaces in an office environment but is equally well suited to a private home.

Modern Objects + Design is the primary distributor of Offecct products in the USA.

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Amazonas help save the rainforest

As an example of their strong environmental commitment, Offecct developed a nesting table in collaboration with designer Eero Koivisto. The table, which has been given the name Amazonas, is produced in materials that are 100 % recyclable. The inspiration to design the table came to Eero Koivisto during a flight above the Amazon forest and its foliage. Parts of the proceeds from the Amazonas nesting tables support The Children's Rainforest, a Swedish non-profit environmental organization that has turned rainforests into nature reserves since 1987.

“When I was creating Amazonas I was thinking a lot about environmental issues. As a designer, one can try to create an environmentally sustainable product that people don’t want to throw away. That is why Amazonas is a mono-material – in this case steel – that is 100 per cent recyclable. In addition, some of the money from every table sold will go to a project to save the rain forests.”

Eero Koivisto

Amazonas Tables by Eero Koivisto

Palma: a comfortably distinctive easy chair

The Dutch designer Khodi Feiz has again created a new furniture line for the Swedish design company Offecct. This time it is a lounge chair inspired by the palm of a hand cradling the human body. The chair’s simple mono-form describes the seat, back support, and arm-rests in a single gesture.

With its frame of wood fibre by-products and seam-free upholstery, Palma is a good environmental choice. Above all, Khodi Feiz and Offecct have worked together to create an easy chair with a long lifespan. The chair is both physically durable and has a timeless, elegant design.

The chair has a relaxed shape that invites comfortable and flexible sitting postures. The chair is clearly informal. Its designer would like to see Palma in people’s homes as much as in office environments. Palma is beautiful as a stand-alone piece of furniture but several can also be arranged together to create a distinct pattern in a room.

Palma is Khodi Feiz’s second product for Offecct. In 2002 the company presented his K-line functional living accessories. The collaboration between the designer and the furniture manufacturer is very successful. Feiz finds the Scandinavian design style particularly appealing:

“There is something very attractive about Scandinavian design. It is light, elegant, and highly intelligent – precisely the same impression that I want my own designs to make.”

Palma Chair by Khodi Feiz

Eco-labelled Chrome another innovation by Offecct on the new Bond Light Chair

As one of the first companies in the furniture industry, Offecct can now put an environmental label on our chromed products. The Nordic environmental organisation The Swan has accepted our chrome to be of a high recyclable standard with low environmental impact.

Offecct has been working with environmental issues for a long time, and is environmentally certified according to ISO and the Swan eco-label. Parts of our collection bear the Swan eco-label today, and we work towards a continuous improvement of all our products from a recyclable point of view. Read more about our products marked with the Swan eco-label. In the following series, you will find the Swan eco-label: BOND, CORNFLAKE, PLAYBACK, PROPELLER, Q-COLLECTION and SOUNDWAVE.

Bond Light Chair by Jean Marie Massaud

Soundwave Acoustical Panels - Recyclable and Class 1 Fire Rated!

Soundwave Acoustical Panels by Offecct Now certified in the US to meet the ASTM E84 flammability requirements that give the panels a Class 1 rating!

The Soundwave range of sculptural wall panels combine functionality and aesthetics and are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for human communication and social interaction, such as offices, restaurants, conference rooms, home theaters, etc.

The original "Swell" version was designed for Offecct by Teppo Asikainen. In addition there are a number of new patterns designed Teppo (Scrunch, Luna, Mesh) and such luminaries as Karim Rashid (Flo) and Marre Moerrel (Skyline). These lightweight panels are easily installed in different patterns that can be custom configured to decorate a wall or ceiling while diffusing or absorbing sound.

Soundwave Acoustic Panels

Get a Grip

Satyendra Pakhalé believes in good design wherever it comes from. It is when design is placed within a context that it becomes interesting and creates meaning. Encounters between people form one source of his inspiration. He argues that today’s informal lifestyle places different demands on design than those made in decades such as the 1930s and ’40s, a time when he says that design was linear and boring. Today the design process requires a more playful and relaxed approach.

The concept for the Grip Satellite table was born in this same spirit. Grip is a table that is easy to pick up (grip!) and move thanks to the small handle on the tabletop that stands out like a small functional detail. The handle is a clear symbol of our modern lifestyle – we want complete flexibility. On a sunny day we can take the table outside, at home we can put books onto it beside our favourite easy chair, at the office we want to be able to move about spontaneously with our laptop or coffee cup on the table. Grip is designed to make our lives easier in everyday situations.

Satyendra Pakhalé compares the table to a satellite that can rotate around within a setting and be moved from place to place – at work, by the sofa, in a meeting room, outdoors. The handle replaces wheels, which have the same function. Why reinvent the wheel when you can add a handle instead?

Grip Table by Satyendra Pakhale

Multi-cultural Tempo

Originally trained as an industrial designer, Andrea Ruggiero approaches design as a generalist, bridging various disciplines: In addition to product design, he is actively involved in the design and development of visual identity systems, furniture, packaging, and environments. His opening design for OFFECCT is TEMPO, a flexible multi chair with a work surface for a laptop or a cup of coffee.

Ruggiero's multi-disciplinary practice focuses on delivering comprehensive design solutions to start-up ventures and internationally established brands and his work has been selected for numerous awards, including the Good Design Award, the Award for Design Excellence / ADEX, the International Furniture Design Fair award in Japan, and ID Magazine's Annual Design Review. He studied at the renowned Domus Academy in Milan and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Product Design from Parsons School of Design in New York, where he now teaches Product Design. Half Italian, half Hungarian, Andrea was raised in Italy, China, and Austria.

Tempo by Andrea Ruggiero

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