Welcome to the MOD Newsletter. Modern Objects + Design (MOD) is constantly traveling the world to find the best design, designers and bringing them to the US market.

Specializing in contract and hospitality furnishings, MOD works with many of the top architectural and design firms in the US..... Bringing good design, high quality and affordable prices to a market attuned to wanting something special. This Newsletter is the first from our new location in lower Manhattan. We have on hand samples of many products and recently have completed certification tests for several of our products. The Soundwave Acoustical Panels by Offecct are now ASTM E84 Certified for a Class 1/A Fire-rating. They were already certified in Europe and met the most stringent fire tests in the UK. The lighting products by our recent addition Zero Lighting from Sweden are now UL Listed for your contract projects and will bring a new dimension to your interiors.

In addition to these exciting announcements check out the current press in both the new Wallpaper and Interior Design magazines...

Please feel free to contact us for more information at 212.925.5506 or info@modobjects.net

Soundwave Acoustical Panels by Offecct

The Soundwave range of sculptural wall panels combine functionality and aesthetics and are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for human communication and social interaction, such as offices, restaurants, conference rooms, home theaters, etc.

The panels are targeted to be most efficient in the frequency range corresponding to human voice communication and all the common acoustic environments associated with this.
Each panel in the series is designed for a specific acoustic purpose. By combining the different types of panels in different ways the acoustic effect of the panels can be fine-tuned to fit the special needs of almost any room or environment. The panels can be effectively arranged to improve privacy in open spaces by reducing the intrusive background noise or to eliminate disturbing reflections of environmental voices, telephone and computer disk drives etc.


The original "Swell" version was designed for Offecct by Teppo Asikainen. In addition there are a number of new patterns designed Teppo (Scrunch, Luna, Mesh) and such luminaries as Karim Rashid (Flo) and Marre Moerrel (Skyline). These lightweight panels are easily installed in different patterns that can be custom configured to decorate a wall or ceiling while diffusing or absorbing sound.

Now certified in the US to meet the ASTM E84 flammability requirements that give the panels a Class 1 rating!

Soundwave Panels are available in the US from MOD - Call us for more information: 212.925.5506

Soundwave PDF

ZERO - Less is More

Is it possible to create new design? Asks Zero Lighting. Yes it is, if you are inspired by your heart.

Our hearts have grown up in the gloomy darkness of the Scandinavian winter and in the brilliant sunshine of the Scandinavian summer. A double life that involves us in a complicated love affair with light and shadow, darkness and shape. This double life creates a fantastic spawning ground for functional design, combined with emotion.

When Zero was set up in 1978, the founders had much experience – in the use of glass. This experience lead them to leave glass for a while – and start to make lampshades from sheet metal instead. Börge Lindau, the designer, was attracted by the daring idea and began a long-term involvement.


Having somewhat limited resources in the beginning, Börge felt that the choice of material for the first lamps was very important, so that the lamps would be perceived as being new, and attract publicity for their innovative design. So he suggested that a suitable material would be perforated sheet metal, and the decision was finalized. The choice of material then achieved such a success that for the first ten years, almost all the product range consisted of lampshades of all shapes and sizes, made from a variety of types of perforated sheet metal.

Slowly but surely, Zero began to expand and they moved their operations from the garage where they started, to an industrial unit in central Nybro, Sweden. Now there was plenty of space for the company which, after a few years, began to grow at an increasing rate. When Börge phased out his involvement to devote time to Blå Station, his own furniture company, Zero initiated their long-term and fruitful collaboration with another designer, Per Sundstedt. Per got tired of sheet metal and wanted to start designing glass lampshades. The time was right, and Zero’s product range is now dominated by various glass lampshades, many designed by Per Sundstedt, with contributions from other exciting Scandinavian designers such as Thomas Bernstrand, Mattias Ståhlbom, Fredrik Mattson, the Front design group, Mia Gammelgaard etc. Check out Zero Lighting by clicking the link below.