Modern Objects and Design - Newsletter 2.6 - FALL 2006

Welcome to the latest MOD Newsletter. Check out some of the latest press that MOD represented products have recieved. Also featured are some recent projects using MOD's contract collection by top designers and architects. Our featured manufacturer this newsletter is HAY from Denmark, who's featured designer Johannes Torpe has set the design world on fire. Our featured product is the Soundwave Panel System designed by Teppo Asikainen, and manufactured by Offecct.

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Check out the latest issues of your favorite design publications to find product introductions exclusively represented by MOD. Following are a few of the products featured:

Wallpaper - September 2006 - Hay "One" daybed is featured in "Strike a Repose" spread
Surface - Fall Fashion 2006 Limited Edition Issue - "Cloud" by Monica Forster for Offecct
Wallpaper - October 2006 - "Bowie" Chair by Eero Koivisto for David Design in "A Decade of Design" spread
Architectural Record - "American Museums" Issue - Orbit Sofa System by Eero Koivisto for Offecct
Frame - 50th Special Issue - "Prince" Chair by Louise Campbell for Hay
Interior Design - August 2006 - "Omni" Sofa by Karim Rashid for Galerkin
Interior Design - September 2006 - Carpet Collection by Patrick Norguet for Designer Carpets

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Products represented by Modern Objects and Design are being used by some of the top contract and hospitality architects and designers around the country. We are especially proud of some of the higher profile projects such as W Hotels in Montreal and New York, Standard Hotels in Los Angeles, Drexler University in Philadelphia, Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga, BMG Columbia, MTV, Xanadu Project and more. Shown above the Omni Sofa by Karim Rashid at the W Times Square and Mono Stools by Ola Rune for Offecct at the W Montreal.

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Soundwave Panels Are A Big Hit

Produced by Offecct of Sweden the Swell panels are designed to be used as lightweight sound absorbers in the upper frequency range [500 Hz and above]. They are well suited to eliminate disturbing reflections of environmental voice sounds, telephones and computer disk drives etc. They can also be used to improve privacy in an open work area such as a modern office space or a restaurant. - DESIGN Teppo Asikainen, 1999-2000 - MATERIALS Molded polyester fiber - COLOURS Grey, Anthracite, Off-white, plus many new colors - DIMENSIONS 22 3/4" x 22 3/4" x 3" thick - can be mounted on existing walls or surfaces - Fire rating available upon request - Each panel is $120 - quantity discounts available.


The History of HAY

The inaugural Hay furniture collection was launched to coincide with the 2003 Copenhagen Furniture Fair. In the same year the first Hay furniture store Hay Cph was opened in the Danish capital. Founder Rolf Hay set up Hay in collaboration with the international clothing and design company Bestseller and their vision is at the centre of the product strategy. They are committed to designing and supplying elegant modern furniture for an international market that reinforces the proud heritage and traditions of Danish furniture design.

Shown above is the "One" Collection by Leif Jorgensen - from left to right Round One, Round One Ottoman, and Other One.

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Prince(ss) in Lace Plus One

Louise Campbell’s Prince chair manufactured by the Danish company Hay cuts a dramatic profile, with a perforated black-rubber surface overlaying a metal foundation. The abstracted floral pattern and the unusual finish add a layer of mystery to this modern lounge chair. Hay also manufactures sofas, tables, and lounge and side chairs designed by Johannes Torpe, Leif Jorgensen (One Lounge shown above), Hee Welling, Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, Sach Q Nguyen, Rene Gejl, Rune Reily Kolsch and Jakob Wagner.


With ginger hair, freckles and a playful grin, Danish designer Johannes Torpe resembles a Dennis the Menace, despite his chic all-black attire. Torpe, at age 32, clearly has boundless energy and is fast emerging as Copenhagen's answer to Karim Rashid. Torpe directs a one-stop design shop, Turbo 2000 Kunstkontrolle, which offers interior design, graphic design, industrial design, and art direction for the incurably hip.

The roguish Torpe thrives on the diversity of his commissions. "People call me schizophrenic. In one day I might design furniture in the morning, a Web site in the afternoon and then turn to package design in the evening." But Torpe says he needs this simultaneous variety as all his projects influence each other. Torpe's inimitable confidence, decisive attitude and ability to work very quickly makes this possible. He even claims he can design a logo in 5 minutes.

Torpe credits his love of objects, materials and design to reverse psychology-he was raised in the hippy caravan park by his free-spirited Danish mother and Irish-Buddhist father. His career path, like his upbringing has been quite unorthodox. As a teenager, he played, taught and sold drums in Copenhagen while living alone with his 90-year-old aunt. This occupation then segued somehow into a brief career as an untrained lighting designer for pop concerts. Following this, an avid interest in graphic design-also self-taught-by simply fiddling around on a Mac-blossomed into the total identity design programs Torpe now specializes in.

Johannes caught our eye a couple of years ago in Stockholm and we have been watching him eversince.. his latest entry is a super cool sofa for Hay, the Danish company that MOD will soon be carrying. Torpe's sofa is leather covered and so light even the Modsquad can carry it out to your Range Rover.

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