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Within a few short weeks two of the worlds most important design fairs happen…. April in Milan and May in New York… of course you could probably attend a fair every month somewhere in the world… however, These two fairs have an importance that may transcend all the others for a number of reasons. view more

The Prince Chair has been accepted into MoMA's permanent design collection
Louise Campbell’s Prince chair manufactured by the Danish company Hay cuts a dramatic profile, with a perforated rubber surface overlaying a metal foundation. The abstracted floral pattern and the unusual finish add a layer of mystery to this modern lounge chair. The MoMA has just announced that both the black and white versions of the Prince Chair have been added to their permanent collection.
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Korban/Flaubert describe their organic approach to design as a ‘process of discovery’. The function is not predetermined. Through experimenting with materials, volume and action an end product might emerge as a seat, a light or some sculptural fantasy. The application is found in the form itself, ‘the idea falls out of life, the form falls out of the idea’. view more


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Broberg Riddersträle
Every year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, an architect or designer is commissioned to create a special Design Bar. This year the honor goes to Broberg Riddersträle Design & Architecture.

Greenhouse was started in 2003 as a forum enabling independent designers to meet producers in the furnishing industry. Greenhouse aims to act as a springboard into reality for creative talents and a platform for exchanging ideas and new exhibition entitled 'The Greenhouse Effect' is being held to celebrate the fifth anniversary. One of the standouts was Wis Design ( above.