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It was with enormous drive and enthusiasm and not least the helpful assistance of local craftsmen that Lars Karl Hjelle began to manufacture furniture in the 1930's. Contacts from beyond Norway's borders often led to bursts of innovation. 

Withe the help of architects Hjelle developed innovative designs. Even in the early years a large share of production went to foreign customers, and furniture continues to be shipped to dealers in Europe. 

Official residences, embassies, hotels and not least private persons are among those who seek Hjelle quality. Hjelle's collection is perfect for public and residential interiors alike. 

Hjelle has long since implemented the latest manufacturing techniques. This has led to enhanced precision in both adoptation and sewing quality. Based on knowledge and experience. Hjelle's unique construction provides optimum comfort. Hjelle's craftsmen are an important resource, passing on their expertise from one generation to the other. 

Our contemporary line of furniture is designed by the young designers of Norway Says. Their work has been an exciting addition to the international design scene since their first presentation in Milan 2000. The cooperation is both challenging and fun as their designs represent strong ideas and intelligent but technically demanding solutions.

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