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Pascale Cottard-Olsson is a French woman who married a Swede and also happened to fall in love with Swedish design. Which in 1998 resulted in her starting of Gallery Pascale. Since 2000 it is mainly a gallery focusing on design: furniture, ceramics, textiles, glass, illustrations and graphic design. The purpose is to present and promote work by designers firstly from the Nordic countries but also work by international designers. The creators and artists are highly educated and belong to the elite. Among exhibitors we would like to mention: François Bauchet, Eric Jourdan, Mattali Crasset and Arik Levy from France; Wake Up from Japan; Ilkka Suppanen from Finland; A&E Design, Owe Gustafson, Birgitta Hahn, Tom Hedqvist, Johan Huldt, Anna Kraitz, Jonas Lindvall, Eva Schildt, Per B Sundberg, Mats Theselius, Thomas Sandell, Anna von Schewen, Björn Dahlström, Fredrik Mattson, Alexander Lervik, Pia Amsell, Mattias Bakhuizen, Thomas Bernstrand, Louise Hederström, Ulrika Mårtensson, Carina Seth Andersson, Sara Szyber, Pia Törnell, Barbro Wesslander and Monica Förster from Sweden.

Thematic exhibitions also prevail in the gallery: Rosa, Rosae, Rosam (2000) showed vases by female designers; Bä bä (2002) concerned the world of small children; 60+ (2004) related to famous Swedish designers who were more than 60 years old. A repeted theme is Stockholm je t'aime, when various designers (included graphic designers) freely associate on why they single out Stockholm as especially loveable.

Gallery Pascale is also a little shop selling unique design objects in limited series; the gallery and Pascale is the producer of these charming gift articles. Besides – Gallery Pascale is the only real design-gallery in Sweden. (A "side-effect" to this and an addition is the design-salon which Pascale started five years ago, in a very French manner, to open up discussions around what design is all about – usually connected to an exhibition at the gallery; the salon is led by Pascale herself and her friends, the professor eremita of design Kerstin Wickman and the fashion- and designeditor Lotta Lewenhaupt.)

Among the prestigeous customers of Gallery Pascale are several collectors and some unique objects in addition are also found in the prominent design-collections at The National Museum of Arts and Craft in Stockholm and Oslo, and at Röhsska, The Arts & Crafts Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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