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In 2003 high-school buddies Andreas Aaltonen and Gustaf Kjellin went to Tokyo to take part in a design exhibition. The idea was to live in a room furnished by their own designs for a 48 hour period. Using a glass dividing-wall to seperate them from onlookers, and occupying a bar facing a busy Tokyo street, the pair traded on their club Dj backgrounds and played records for visitors to the show. Under the moniker, Don't Feed The Swedes, the installation was a huge success - culminating in a name which has stuck with them long after returning to their native Stockholm.

In the years that followed, Don't Feed The Swedes (DFTS) continued to experiment with design from a DIY perspective - teaching themselves the skills needed to create a range of one-off pieces and conceptual installations. Heavily inspired by the urban environment, big city life, personal retrospectives and contemporary culture, the pair's work is diverse and provocative.

In 2010, Don't Feed The Swedes' progression continues under a new name, DFTS Factory. DFTS Factory is a Swedish design & manufacturing company which will release DFTS designs as well as collaborations and one-offs from other designers who echo the attitudes and design sensibilities of the founders. Designer-owned and designer-driven, this unique venture has been brought into reality with the support of new partners; Swedish strategy company Identifier and Greger Hagelin, co-founder and CEO of street fashion label WeSC."The aim of DFTS Factory is not to have the most new products at a show. We want to stay true to our roots and release our designs when it feels right to do so. There's no point in flooding the market with more badly thought out, souless items which will be thrown away with the arrival of the-next-big-thing," says Kjellin.

"DFTS Factory is about making statement pieces of design which speak personally to the user and remain relevant to them. We're about pieces which are designed to be used, made to last and created to be kept," notes Aaltonen.

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