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Michael Sodeau

Born in 1969, Michael Sodeau established his design studio in London in 1997. His has designed for Thonet Vienna, Magis, Modus, and Wedgewood, and his work is represented in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Once upon a line, a book by Alex Payne on Sodeau's design, was published in 2000.

Protecting the environment is a priority for both OFFECCT and Michael Sodeau. An environmental perspective has been key throughout the development of Oyster, resulting
in a more efficient use of materials. Despite its considerable size, the easy chair requires a relatively small amount of material to produce.

"As a designer, you have a great environmental responsibility," Sodeau observes. "In all our projects, we consider and discuss the sustainability aspect, and look for areas where we can improve. In most cases, we find something we can add or do to make the product more environmentally sustainable. For Oyster, we used a minimum of materials, worked to reduce transport costs, and thought through all aspects of the sustainability perspective."

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