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2013 Nova Designer Award is Mattias Stenberg

The winner of the 2013 Nova Designer Award is Mattias Stenberg from Studio Vision.The Jury's motivation for picking him was for "a style brimming with confidence".The Nova Design Award has been instituted by Formex, one of Stockholmsmässan's flagship events and the leading trade fair for Nordic interior design.


WRONG for HAY is a new design venture. A collaboration between Danish design brand HAY and London-based designer Sebastian Wrong, WRONG for HAY makes its debut at the 2013 London Design Festival with a collection of items, ranging from lighting to ceramics, textiles, glassware and furniture.

Since its first collection debuted in Cologne in 2003, HAY has built up a global manufacturing and distribution network, including dedicated HAY stores in Denmark, Norway and Germany. A strong relationship between designer, manufacturer, distributor and consumer allows for flexibility and innovation at affordable prices.

WRONG for HAY builds upon these foundations. Both satellite collection and standalone venture, WRONG for HAY is based in London under the creative direction of Sebastian Wrong, WRONG for HAY draws upon the city's creative energy, eclecticism and talent to explore new working relationships, new products and new markets.

HAY's principle of good design at accessible prices will be central to WRONG for HAY, while the strength of the supply chain and established manufacturing partnerships will allow for innovation, offering an opportunity for young design talent. The debut collection exemplifies London's global sphere of influence, offering an eclectic selection of new products from both established and emerging designers.

'WRONG for HAY is an opportunity to push the boundaries in terms of curation,' says Sebastian Wrong, 'We can be experimental and sophisticated but also pragmatic. It's a platform for new work that celebrates London's design culture.'

The products include a ceramics range by Ian McIntyre, textile designs by Natalie Du Pasquier (founding member of the Memphis group) and fashion designer Bernhard Wilhelm, as well as the production debut of the awardwinning 'The Wooden Shelf' interlocking shelving by Lucien Gumy. Other designers include Stefan Diez, Anderson & Voll, Line Depping, Jakob Jørgensen, Silo Studio, Simon Donald, SNÆFRÍÐ & HILDIGUNNUR, Shane Schneck, Leon Ransmeier, AKKA Studio, Bertjan Pot, Daniel and Emma, Faudet and Harrison, Thomas Jenkins and SmithMatthias. The collection extends to lighting, glassware, and furniture and includes new pieces produced by the in-house WRONG for HAY design team.

The WRONG for HAY collection will be debuted at the 2013 London Design Festival in two venues in St. James's Park. The first, a restored Georgian townhouse, will act as a showcase for the entire collection. The initial WRONG for HAY pieces will also furnish a pop-up restaurant, catered by the Peckham Refreshment Rooms, and located in the former St. Stephen's Club overlooking St. James's Park.

The WRONG for HAY collection will be available through existing and new retail partnerships as well as the HAY stores.



HAY was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Horsens, Denmark with a design studio based in Copenhagen. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of mid-century Danish furniture design, HAY is committed to sustainability, new technology and affordability. The company believes in building a strong relationship with designers, manufacturers and customers and is committed to good design at an affordable price.

ABOUT Sebastion Wrong

As a founding member and Design Director of Established & Sons and the creator of innovative design platform The Wrong Shop, Sebastian Wrong has worked alongside some of the most important designers and manufacturers of the contemporary era. His work draws upon the intersection of art, design and manufacturing and the Wrong for HAY collection includes a selection of new designs from his studio.


ID MagazinePalma chair featured in I.D. Magazine – Khodi Feiz designer
From I.D. Magazine
“This is lovely,” said Lepage of Khodi Feiz’s Palma chair for Offect. The biomorphic shape had jurors commenting on how comfortable and nurturing the design was. Terms such as “egg-like,” “cradling,” and "fetal position" came into play as each juror admired the chair, whose seat, back support, and armrests form one curvilinear shape, inspired by a gently cupped palm. Not surprisingly, comparisons were drawn between Palma and that other symbol of maternal Modernism, the Womb chair—although Oliver pointed out that Offect’s seat costs less than half the price of Eero Saarinen’s classic.

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Palma chair featured in I.D. Magazine – Khodi Feiz designerKhodi Feiz
From I.D. Magazine

Khodi Feiz was born in Iran, and graduated in industrial design at Syracuse University (USA). In 1990, Khodi Feiz moved to the Netherlands, where he worked for Philips Design until 1998. He then started his own business, Feiz Design, together with his wife, graphic designer Anneko Feiz-van Dorsen. The company is based in Amsterdam, and works mainly on product and furniture design, together with graphic and strategic design. Khodi Feiz's work has won numerous awards, and in recent years he has been featured in exhibitions and publications worldwide.

Khodi Feiz

Khodi FeizZERO - Less is More

Is it possible to create new design? Asks Zero Lighting. Yes it is, if you are inspired by your heart.

Our hearts have grown up in the gloomy darkness of the Scandinavian winter and in the brilliant sunshine of the Scandinavian summer. A double life that involves us in a complicated love affair with light and shadow, darkness and shape. This double life creates a fantastic spawning ground for functional design, combined with emotion.

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