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ID MagazinePalma chair featured in I.D. Magazine – Khodi Feiz designer
From I.D. Magazine
“This is lovely,” said Lepage of Khodi Feiz’s Palma chair for Offect. The biomorphic shape had jurors commenting on how comfortable and nurturing the design was. Terms such as “egg-like,” “cradling,” and "fetal position" came into play as each juror admired the chair, whose seat, back support, and armrests form one curvilinear shape, inspired by a gently cupped palm. Not surprisingly, comparisons were drawn between Palma and that other symbol of maternal Modernism, the Womb chair—although Oliver pointed out that Offect’s seat costs less than half the price of Eero Saarinen’s classic.

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Khodi FeizPalma chair featured in I.D. Magazine – Khodi Feiz designer
From I.D. Magazine

Khodi Feiz was born in Iran, and graduated in industrial design at Syracuse University (USA). In 1990, Khodi Feiz moved to the Netherlands, where he worked for Philips Design until 1998. He then started his own business, Feiz Design, together with his wife, graphic designer Anneko Feiz-van Dorsen. The company is based in Amsterdam, and works mainly on product and furniture design, together with graphic and strategic design. Khodi Feiz's work has won numerous awards, and in recent years he has been featured in exhibitions and publications worldwide.

Khodi Feiz

Khodi FeizZERO - Less is More

Is it possible to create new design? Asks Zero Lighting. Yes it is, if you are inspired by your heart.

Our hearts have grown up in the gloomy darkness of the Scandinavian winter and in the brilliant sunshine of the Scandinavian summer. A double life that involves us in a complicated love affair with light and shadow, darkness and shape. This double life creates a fantastic spawning ground for functional design, combined with emotion.

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The Soundwave Acoustical Panels by Offecct
Soundwave Acoustical Panels by Offecct Now certified in the US to meet the ASTM E84 flammability requirements that give the panels a Class 1 rating!

The Soundwave range of sculptural wall panels combine functionality and aesthetics and are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for human communication and social interaction, such as offices, restaurants, conference rooms, home theaters, etc.

The original "Swell" version was designed for Offecct by Teppo Asikainen. In addition there are a number of new patterns designed Teppo (Scrunch, Luna, Mesh) and such luminaries as Karim Rashid (Flo) and Marre Moerrel (Skyline). These lightweight panels are easily installed in different patterns that can be custom configured to decorate a wall or ceiling while diffusing or absorbing sound.

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Prince ChairThe Prince Chair has been accepted into MoMA's permanent design collection
Louise Campbell’s Prince chair manufactured by the Danish company Hay cuts a dramatic profile, with a perforated rubber surface overlaying a metal foundation. The abstracted floral pattern and the unusual finish add a layer of mystery to this modern lounge chair. The MoMA has just announced that both the black and white versions of the Prince Chair have been added to their permanent collection.

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OFFECCTOffecct once again leads the pack in Stockholm

The BOND family comprises a wide range of chairs, easy chairs and tables. The pieces are equally at home in a conference room, public lounge or living room. The seating furniture has the shape of a softly rounded square. Massaud wanted to create the illusion of an object that floats and moves with ease. The laminated material in the seat and back of BOND creates elasticity in the back section, which together with the rounded seat offers exquisite comfort. Its timeless design has been created to stand the test of time.


Bouroullec BrothersBouroullec brothers featured guests at the 2005 Stockholm Furniture Fair

French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were the featured Guests of Honor at the 2005 Stockholm Furniture Fair. They were assigned the project of designing the lounge area in the entrance hall.

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Karim RashidWhoops Karim Rashid does it again!

New York is undeniably the cultural epicenter of the US. It is no wonder then, that the rest of the country, and the world for that matter look to us for design inspiration.

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