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MOD curators have just returned from Copenhagen where they were WOW'd by the plethora of  cutting edge design!  Denmark is known for it's groundbreaking history of modern design with ICONs such as Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Fin Juhl, just to name a few, but the current crop of designers are making their collective mark on the International Design Scene as well.  MOD spent a day with friends at HAY house ( where they hand-picked HAY design pieces by designers such as Ronan & ERwan Boroullec, Hee Welling, Leif Joergensen and many more that will soon be available for viewing in our new Tribeca showroom.  While in CPH, MOD picked up the amazing line MUUTO ( to join the MOD family.  MOD had the opportunity to visit the new MUUTO headquarters office spending the day touring the amazing office space.  During our visit MOD also had the pleasure to attend the amazing Frama ATELIER INSTALLATION (  The exhibition showed the Frama collection in a light and simple exhibition supported by graphics and and an installation that included large stone slabs where all collection design titles were listed.  Showcases were integrated with a window covered with over 1000 post-its stamped "Frama studio installation" - a confirmation that Danish Design is alive and well.  Please contact MOD to make an appointment to view our latest collections.  You will be as amazed as we are at the incredible level of design coming out of Scandinavia.


Antipodean Aussies Korban/Flaubert invaded New York in May during Design Week with two outstanding exhibitions. The first was "Automatic" which opened with an installation at the Diesel Denim Gallery in Soho and the second "Growth Patterns" which was organized by MOD at a space in the Meatpacking District. This K/F first solo exhibition (or should we say dual exhibition) in the US. Automatic was organized by MOD's good friend Sebastien AGNEESSENS of Formavision with a little inspiration from the MOD crew and featured a mind blowing installation that created the sense of walking through a DNA molecule aka a scene from "Innerspace" with Martin Short. The experiential aspect of taking microscopic elements and enlarging them to super human scale is an experiment that K/F has been researching for several years now. The "Growth Patterns" presentation by the MOD team focused on limited series pieces that included screens, lighting and various seating, or lounging, as one might have it. The segue between installation and limited production highlights K/f's ability to cross the boundaries between art and design as well as address the juxtaposition of art and nature.

Recently featured on the cover of Surface Magazine, korban/flaubert is a design and production partnership between Janos Korban (b.1961), a metalwork specialist with a background in psychology and genetics, and architect Stefanie Flaubert (b.1965). Established in Stuttgart Germany in the first half of the 1990s korban/flaubert relocated to Sydney, Australia in 1995 to set up a workshop to explore ideas for form and furniture. Focusing on collaborative investigations into materials, structure and spatial relationships, they produce a range of eclectic furniture and lighting, as well as more ambiguous forms and large site specific space/sculpture commissions for commercial and private clients..

Korban/Flaubert Design Vision ³We explore mathematics and geometry as a way of understanding the world: the building blocks of life! We explore growth patterns in nature and their genius at generating complexity with the simplest sequences. This is our way of reaching an understanding of fundamental forms, patterns and visual phenomena.²

They describe their organic approach to design as a Œprocess of discovery¹. The function is not predetermined. Through experimenting with materials, volume and action an end product might emerge as a seat, a light or some sculptural fantasy. The application is found in the form itself, Œthe idea falls out of life, the form falls out of the idea¹.

³Our pieces, like life in Australia, are equally at home inside or outside. We take our inspiration from the natural world at all its scales: from micro to macro².

"Automatic", a custom art installation created by Sydney-based artists Korban/Flaubert is currently on display at the SoHo Diesel Denim Gallery. The installation curated by Sebastien Agneessens runs through July.

Korban/Flaubert is a desgin and production partnership founded in 1993 by metal specialist Janos Korban and architect Stefanie Flaubert, noted for experimental furniture and lighting, as well as large site-specific spatial/sculptural commissions.

"Automatic" explores the artists' fascination with complex organic growth patterns that occur in nature. This installation serves as an artistic reflection on the growing global interest in bio-mimicry, the science that examines organic models to create solutions to human problems. The Diesel Denim Gallery aims to illuminate the idea that clothing is wearable art by intertwining installation with its daywear presentation at its New York and Tokyo locations. Learn the art of science at Diesel's SoHo concept space and prepare to be amazed. DDG, 68 Greene St., New York City.

[text Xenia Viray, Photography Jordan Kleinman]

Check it out online here.

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