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Urban Jungle Stockholm

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The first time Eero Koivisto, Brand Consultant for MOD's favorite line Offecct, came across Slobodan Dizel and Thomas Sate they were simply a couple of graffiti artists that were tagging trains and walls in Sweden. A couple of years later, he heard that they'd started a graffiti school and design studio with the slogan "We declare war on walls". Fast forward a few years, when Eero stumbled across their new offices in a small back street of Stockholm and they'd become Wall Design and were painting murals on the walls of shops and offices. These days they are known as Dizel & Sate (formerly known as Wall Design) and their commissions range from illustrations to entire interior design concepts. We're not sure what's up with the latest name, perhaps they're ensnared in some sort of legal dispute much as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince was.

Anyway, Eero convinced Offecct to hire the two artist/designers to not only create an awesome environment during this years Stockholm Furniture Fair (the offsite "Urban Jungle" presentation) but to create a new brand identity for web and print as well.. Rumor has it that it was only a matter of weeks before the fair that this decision was made.. And bravo to Offecct for taking the plunge.. And the dynamic duo pulled it off - it was an amazing success! We even used (please don't sue us) the new identity for this newsletters banner design. Check out Offecct's new website and Dizel & Sate's as well.. hopefully you will be as inspired as much as we are!