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                                                                                                            JetBlue Offices, NY
                                                                                                            Designer/Architect HLW International                                                                                                             Photographer: Adrian Wilson

                                                                                                           OFFECCT: EasyBlock Sofa (MEETING AREA)
                                                                                                                                                                 Palma Easychairs (CAFÉ).


Soundwave Skyline in Google's New York Office
We are thrilled that our friends at Modern Objects + Design informed us that our acoustic panel Soundwave® Skyline has been used at Google®'s New York office; one of MOD's impressive projects. Soundwave® Skyline by Marre Moerel SOUNDWAVE® SKYLINE BY MARRE MOEREL Soundwave® Skyline is designed by Marre Moerel who got the inspiration for the sound absorbing panel from the silhouette of cities, in particular that of New York, which makes Skyline a perfect fit for an office in the Big Apple. When placed horizontally a straight line is formed at the top which is then broken into slightly angled horizontal lines. The pattern reflects New York's grid of streets and can also be seen as an enormous mountain range from a bird's eye view. Vertically the pattern is transformed into skyscrapers or primeval rock formations.

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Yotel NYC Project

Yotel New York greets the street with an appropriately theatrical facade, clad in a geometric relief of white precast concrete modules. Guests then pass through a futuristic reception area, where LCD screens and an LED banner recall airline check-in, before taking the elevator to the sky lobby on the fourth floor, also home to a restaurant, four bars, an exercise room, and a boardroom. "We designed the fourth floor to be lively and fun," Rockwell says. "There aren't a lot of walls." Just out the double doors is an amazing 6,800-square-foot terrace, said to be the largest in New York.

Of the 669 guest rooms and suites, it was the small ones-170 square feet-that presented the biggest challenge. Rockwell and Softroom director Oliver Salway viewed it as an industrial-design project: fitting the pieces together to make the space work. At just the touch of a button, for instance, the queen-size bed transforms into lounge seating. That inspired idea might just take this team from airline-inspired hotels to actual airliners.

HAY Other One Design by Leif Joergensen

                                                                                          Project Type: Architecture · Hotel & Spa
                                                                                          Studio: Rockwell Group New York


Mod EnvironmentsSoundwave Panels - Village by Claesson, Koivisto, Rune.
Soundwave Village: an architecturally inspired sound absorber and wall panel by Claesson Koivisto Rune The highly regarded architectural and design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune presents two new series forspring 2009 for OFFECCT, continuing the companies’ long and successful collaboration. ClaessonKoivisto and Rune themselves see a clear connection between their many architectural assignments andtheir new product design for OFFECCT. It was the successful pairing of architecture and design thatprompted the inspiration for the new Soundwave Village sound panels and the Etage coffee table series.

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Products represented by Modern Objects and Design are being used by some of the top contract and hospitality architects and designers around the country. We are especially proud of some of the higher profile projects such as W Hotels in Montreal and New York, Standard Hotels in Los Angeles, Drexler University in Philadelphia, Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga, BMG Columbia, MTV, Xanadu Project and more. Shown above the Omni Sofa by Karim Rashid at the W Times Square and Mono Stools by Ola Rune for Offecct at the W Montreal.

Fall 2007

Urban Jungle Stockholm
The first time Eero Koivisto, Brand Consultant for MOD's favorite line Offecct, came across Slobodan Dizel and Thomas Sate they were simply a couple of graffiti artists that were tagging trains and walls in Sweden. A couple of years later, he heard that they'd started a graffiti school and design studio with the slogan "We declare war on walls". Fast forward a few years, when Eero stumbled across their new offices in a small back street of Stockholm and they'd become Wall Design and were painting murals on the walls of shops and offices.

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The Residence
At this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, an ambitious project organized by Offecct was an exhibition called The Residence in association with Bang & Olufsen and Hufvudstaden, in a beautiful apartment from the turn of last century in central Stockholm.

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FRONT: Tensta Konsthall Installation
FRONT have designed an installation for the Tensta Konsthall, an institution that initiates and advances aesthetic, practical and theoretical issues that concern the contemporary art scene both locally and internationally.

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Page 6 Bar
Los Angeles, CA
Designer: Davis Krumins, Davis Inc.
P6 Restaurant & Lounge enjoys it's status as one of the highest volume establishments between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

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Highline Restaurant
New York, NY
The new Highline Restaurant (named for the abandoned, elevated train tracks that run nearby) in the hip Meatpacking District of NYC adds yet another notch in the belt of the people who brought us Peep, Spice and SEA.

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